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I was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to the Miami, Florida when I was just 17 months old. Like many of my students,  I was once an English Learner and am fully bilingual (English/Spanish). I was raised by amazing parents who had limited English proficiency and therefore, I didn't know a word of English until I entered kindergarten. Although I was fully proficient in English by the first grade I can relate well to my students and their families. My experience growing up made me keenly aware of the language acquisition process and the challenges that come with it, thereby preparing me early on for my role as ESL teacher.  While being bilingual is immensely helpful in relating to Spanish-speaking families, not all my students are of Hispanic heritage but having been in their shoes helps me connect with all my learners.  I thoroughly enjoy the multicultural aspect of ESL and find it very fascinating.  I love that I get to meet and acquaint myself with individuals from across the globe, exposing me to a variety of cultures, religions, languages, and traditions.  Multicultural education is at the heart of my ESL classes.

I began my teaching career in 1996 as a Business Education Teacher at Alleghany High School in Sparta, North Carolina, eventually making our way down to Mooresville. I entered the ESL field in January 2012 when I joined Mooresville Graded School District as their Secondary ESL Teacher.  As of August 2017, I returned to Oaklawn Language Academy, a CMS school, and am currently serving as Middle School Academic Facilitator.

My husband, Mario, and I are the proud parents of two amazing children now in 5th and 8th grade.

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