Friday, May 1, 2015

What If

I've recently started to make every Wednesday #WhatIfWednesday, thanks to an idea I took from Sean Farrum (@magicpantsjones) and others in my PLN. I think most of you will agree that real growth lies in asking the right questions rather than obtaining the right answers.  Rote memorization and passive learning may result in a passing score, but life is much more than a grade.

As National Poetry Month draws to a close, I'm feeling inspired.  First, I'm inspired by my ELLs who so eloquently expressed their thoughts through poetry all month long. Poetry writing was a huge stretch for them and despite some of the whining, I would say most, if not all, are very proud of their work.  I am also utterly inspired by my PLN on Twitter and Voxer.  Being a connected educator is very time-consuming, but every comment I listen to and every post I read cause me to reflect on my own teaching and learning, challenging me to explore new horizons and reach new heights both professionally and personally.

For this week's #WhatIfWednesday, my middle school students wrote "What If" poems (with the help of one of the forms on the Instant Poetry Forms website) and they inspired me to write my own.  Here it goes. Enjoy!

What If

What if the world saw kids through our eyes?
Will they see successes in disguise?
What if they saw diamonds in the rough?
Will they know capturing their hearts is not just fluff?

What if the focus was not on the test?
Would it be enough to just do our best?
What if there was really nothing to measure?
Will we ever find that hidden treasure?

What if we could tear down classroom walls?
Would we teach at the beach or at the mall?
What if the computer could take the lead?
Would it make teachers obsolete?

What if we stop trying to find fault?
Would we find a remedy and stop the verbal assault?
What if differing viewpoints we could try to see?
Would we agree to disagree?

What if we taught kids to care for the least of these?
Would it be as important as learning ABC's?
What if we stopped asking the hard questions?
Will we address the issues of education?

What if we stopped asking why?
Would we really turn a blind eye?
What if everyone could catch a glimpse into our world?
Will they be able to see that precious pearl?

What If?


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