Friday, September 12, 2014

How Do I Love Teaching....Let Me Count the Ways

There are many reasons to love teaching, so here's a top 10 list- a la David Letterman style.  

10...I love having summers off.  The only reason this made the list is because I really love having that time with my own kiddos, but working 10 months means I only get paid for 10 months of work, so it’s not exactly a paid vacation.

9...My days just seem to fly. While I don't love the paperwork and bureaucracy, I do like being busy and like the fact that my days go by really quickly. Staying caught up is also a struggle, but I do like the fact that I’m never bored. Which brings me to number 8.

8...There’s never a dull moment. As much as we plan and prepare, my days are full of surprises. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, so part of the plan is to prepare for the unexpected and remain calm when those surprises can be a little stressful.

7...I’m a lifelong learnerFrom innovative strategies to emerging technologies, I’m continuously learning and growing. And I learn a great deal from my students as well.

6...It keeps me young.  Being surrounded by young people in the energetic environment of a school keeps my outlook youthful and keeps me grounded.

5...Been there, done that.  As a former English Language Learner myself, I have experienced firsthand the hurdles and frustrations that many of my students and their families are facing. the cultural and linguistic diversity I’m exposed to. No, not all my kids are Mexican, or even Hispanic for that matter. They come from all over the world and they all have great stories to tell about their native countries and their cultures. 

3...I love teaching ESL. Unlike Geometry or English Literature, the skills they are learning in my class are relevant to every moment of every day. From social language to academic vocabulary, the connection is immediate and most of my students appreciate my instruction. 

2...I love kids and I especially like teaching teenagers. This is such a critical time in their lives and I’m happy to have the chance to make an impact on them as they are making some very important choices.

1...I’m planting seeds all day long. While I may not reap the harvest, I know that I am impacting young lives and planting seeds of confidence and hope as they develop and improve their communication skills in English.

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