Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm proud to say that I'm a connected educator who stays plugged in well after Friday afternoon and into the weekend.  In fact, sometimes I feel like weekdays are more relaxing than my weekends. There's so much at home to catch up on (including school work) that the Energizer bunny just keeps on going and going regardless of the day of the week.  I do have to admit though that I'm energized by work, so if I relax too much, I end up feeling guilty and more stressed.  However, just like a computer, I need the occasional restart so I can operate more efficiently.
Here's how I unplug:
1.  Sunday morning worship.  I don't go to church out of obligation, but for sustenance.  This is where I unload my junk and fill up my gas tank.  I'll give up anything else, but rarely do I miss my worship. We are blessed with an awesome congregation that has uplifting music, message and amazing people to share it with.  
2.  A good pedicure.  Sitting on a chair with a good book or with a good friend and having my feet massaged and toes polished relaxes me and makes me feel like I've had a complete makeover.  It's the bomb!
3. An inspirational book.  This is one habit I need to pick up again. I don't read enough and when I do it's usually with my kids. Lately, I've been watching the news before going to bed instead of's no wonder I've been having nightmares.  Need to turn off that tube and get back to those books that are collecting dust. Last book I read for me, was I Am Malala and even though it was sort of related to education, it inspired me to inspire others.  
4. Morning workout.  Another habit I've sadly broken, but hope to pick up again.  Exercise anytime is great, but a morning workout is a jumpstart.  Walking around the neighborhood in the wee hours when everyone is still sleeping is not only healthful, but it's rejuvenating.  Maybe tomorrow morning is a good day to start.  

I'm thankful for new beginnings and for today's prompt because it made realize what I've been missing out on.  


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