Wednesday, November 26, 2014

No Ifs, Ands or Buts

I pride myself in being relentlessly optimistic, in being able to find something to celebrate even in the worst of times or people, in having endless hope regardless of how grim the circumstances.  Yet today, David Pollard (@edchatirl) tweeted this photo and made me realize there's lots I still need to work on.  He challenged his followers to "Go 24 hours without complaining, not even once...then watch how your life starts changing." That was powerful.  Sure I'm grateful, positive, hopeful, but I have to admit that I do my share of whining and complaining.   I do it mostly to myself and my family, less at school (probably because I don't have much time for venting), but it happens quite a bit more than necessary.  This reflection has made me realize that I often complain and then follow it by an expression of gratitude or positivity, but I'm whining and complaining nonetheless.  If's good but.....and also.  Sure, I try to end my complaining by putting a positive band-aid on it, but it still does its damage.  Instead of trying to fix it, why not try to avoid the hurt.

So what would I like to let go of?  I want to shed the doubt, the fear, the discontentment and most of all, the second guessing.  I want to move forward and be more positive from the get go.  I want to face my life head on, accept what I cannot change, change what I can - all without complaining or arguing.  I may not always be able to control my circumstances, but I can control my reaction and attitude.

Thanks, David for your tweet today.  I hope it will impact others as it has impacted me.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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