Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Was Born To Make An Impact

I'm all about motivational quotes, so when asked about my favorite quote, it's really hard narrowing it down to one.  In ESL class, motivational quotes are integrated into every unit.  Whenever possible, we read biographies and autobiographies about people who have overcome adversity and have come out ahead.  As we discuss the lives of those individuals, I take the opportunity to preach, if you will, and offer a message of hope and encouragement. I also select motivational quotes related to someone or something we are studying, I write it on the board and leave it on the announcements section of our learning program so that it stares at them as they are getting their homework assignments or uploading their work. I also use these quotes to launch them from my classroom.  ELLs need all this extra motivation, but then again so do I.

Of all the quotes and verses that I read and share in class the one that has inspired my students and me the most is this is one pictured here. Last spring, a friend of mine posted these words on Facebook and I knew I had to share them with my students.  But rather than leaving the quote up for a day or a week, I left it on there for months.  Not only was it on their screen, but we also recited the verse as they were launched from my classroom. We changed it a bit and replaced all the you's with I's.  I never heard anyone say they were impacting them, but I know they were. Recently, one of my former students asked if we still recited the quote and we don't....actually not yet.

As I'm writing this post, I realized that I need to bring this quote back and start that routine again, especially with my new students.  While some students rolled their eyes a bit, especially at first, I know it was not in vain.  

So I'm thankful for the opportunity to reflect on these words.  I hope they will bless those who read them as much as they inspire me, especially on difficult days.  We, indeed, have purpose, our story is important, our dreams counts, our voice matters because we were born to make an impact.    


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