Wednesday, November 5, 2014


What are my strengths? As I pondered on this question, I immediately thought of a post I wrote back in September where I listed my top three strengths: (1) outgoing personality and easygoing temperament, (2) honesty and transparency and (3) flexibility and adaptability.  I also need to add "relentlessly optimistic" to that list.  I am usually able to find some good even in the worst of circumstances.

I'm thankful for all these traits as they have been tremendously beneficial to me socially and professionally, but I'm also thankful for my weaknesses. I'm as imperfect as they come and it's my imperfections that keep me grounded.  I'm also very honest and transparent about my imperfections and that openness creates a sense of safety and trust in my classroom.  Students are not afraid to goof up, to ask any question, to admit they are clueless when everyone.else is catching on.  My classroom is like a safe zone.  I'm not there to provide all the answers but to empower them to ask the right questions and point them to the tools that will enable to find those answers for themselves. Furthermore, they need to know that no one in this world, no matter how bright or how proficient in English, will know all the answers or have it all together.  They are reminded that it is okay to be imperfect because we are perfected by our flaws - and I practice what I preach.

So, whether you see me from afar or you see me up close, I'm the same.  No pretense or shame.  I will tell it like it is and the significant people in my life appreciate that WYSIWYG feature in me.  And for that I am grateful.


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