Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Small is Huge

Webster defines pleasure as "a feeling of happiness, enjoyment or satisfaction". We are driven and directed by pleasure. We constantly seek things or people that give us pleasure and avoid that which is not enjoyable, doesn't make us happy or satisfied.  It actually sounds like pleasure is a really big deal.  Yet, true happiness, true satisfaction, true enjoyment is not found in those really big moments, but in simple pleasures.  It is small pleasures that make our life grand.

A couple of months ago, my daughter's teacher let me borrow, The Book of Awesome, which is all about those little awesome moments in life that generate feelings of happiness, enjoyment or satisfaction.  After reading it, I reflected on some awesome teacher moments and was compelled to blog about it.  You can read my post here.

As a piggyback to that blog post and as a response to today's prompt for the Attitude of Gratitude Blogging Challenge, today I will acknowledge three small pleasures in my life/day.  I have to say that it's really tough to narrow this down to three because for me, it's all about the little stuff.  I'm a simple girl, as frugal as they come.  I don't dream big and tend to enjoy the ordinary successes of everyday life.  I thrive in routine and schedule.  Thanks to my hubby who is quite the opposite, I've learned to aim higher, take greater risks and be more spontaneous.  Okay, I really wasn't that boring when I met him, but the rollercoaster ride has indeed picked up a great deal of speed since we married.  Well, here goes my top three.

1) Hugs.

I love all hugs, especially when they are unsolicited and unexpected.  My hubby and my son are super affectionate.  I am too, but they are so much more. They are my teddy bears and I can't seem to get enough.  I especially love hugs from my daughter.  Deep down inside she's sweet and caring (sometimes it's way down deep) but she's not very affectionate.  She's very competitive and strong-willed and her and I don't always see eye to eye.  When she gives me an unsolicited hug, I know it's sincere and it melts me. Did I also mention she's a sixth grader?  

2) Silence.

I'm outgoing and talkative, but I love the sound of silence.  Whether early in the morning, late at night or sometime in between, I cherish those times to myself when I can reflect or simply clear my mind. I love my family, but sometimes the four of us sound more like "19 kids and counting" and the only time there is silence is when I am alone at home.

3) Laughter

We all enjoy a good laugh, but laughter for me is necessary.  It not only brings me pleasure, it keeps me sane.  Sometimes, I laugh so hard that I cry and can't get a single word out of my mouth.  While cracking up type of laughter is reserved for when I'm off duty, I do try to inject a little laughter into my class periods.  Life is too short and you gotta have some fun.

So, let's sweat the small a good way.  Let's not overlook those seemingly insignificant moments that although small are truly huge.


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