Sunday, November 16, 2014

Power In Numbers

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Every aspect of being a connected educator is powerful because connectedness is power.  Some of us are blessed with wonderful personal and professional connections within our school building or district, but some of us are not. While I have some amazingly cooperative and collaborative colleagues in my district, being an itinerant teacher makes me sort of a misfit.  I am part of two schools, but don't completely belong to either one. Furthermore, I am the only secondary ESL teacher in my small district and even though I love it because my focus is primarily on the kids, I often felt isolated.  That was until I joined Twitter and became a connected educator.  Connecting with educators across the globe has actually brought me closer to those in the buildings where I teach and most importantly, it has brought me closer to my students. It has changed my teaching, my perspective, and my passion. 

So, what is the most powerful aspect of being a connected educator? The answer for me is simple: there's power in numbers.  Being connected to hundreds of educators I've never met, and probably never will, has empowered me and helped me discover part of myself, as well as connected me to those in close proximity.  Sounds weird, but it's true - and I am so grateful.

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